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SUDS Digital enables laundromat owners to maximize revenue by generating or expanding your online presence AKA your digital storefront. We do all the work to attract and convert more customers, so you can focus on the demands of your growing business. SUDS puts dollars right back in your pocket as soon as you invest.

SUDS Digital was founded by a leading digital marketing agency that manages one of the largest digital campaigns in the country for the laundry industry. We started SUDS Digital to fill the void that so-called "marketing experts" left. We are the solution for single-store operators to nationwide brands. Our results-driven strategies will help your laundromat turn a profit.

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SUDS partners spearheaded the full-service media agency responsible for managing the largest national digital marketing campaign for the laundry industry. Working with SUDS grants you access to leading strategies and decades of industry expertise.


Rocco Santamaria is one of the co-founders and partners at Suds Digital. He also co-founded Colossus Media Group and runs the Content Creation Department, Social Media Department, and Social Ads Department.


Dom Santamaria has a passion for the laundry industry and has experience growing laundry brands for national and single-store operators. Additionally, Dom and his brother co-own a laundry processing facility based in PA that averages 20,000 pounds of residential laundry per week. Dom also co-founded and oversees various departments at Suds Digital & Colossus Media Group.

Charles Measley

Charles Measley graduated Rider University in 2014 with a concentration in political communications, marketing, and business. He enter the laundromat business in 2012 to have his first store destroyed by hurricane Sandy. Since then he has several stores on the Jersey shore and one of the largest residential pick up and delivery operation in the country.

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