Featured Podcast: Drastic Times Calls for Drastic Measures

Prepare for an an enlightening podcast episode of Laundromat Resource featuring Charles Measley, Suds Digital Partner and Owner of Fluff & Fold Laundromat. In this engaging discussion, Charles takes us on a journey through his remarkable entrepreneurial story, offering invaluable insights and inspiration for fellow laundry enthusiasts.

The Journey Begins

Charles’s entrepreneurial journey began with humble beginnings—an acquisition of a dilapidated laundromat in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Through tenacity and grit, he navigated challenges, including the arduous task of rebuilding post-Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. Despite this, Charles emerged resilient, armed with invaluable experience that would shape his future endeavors. Prior to immersing himself in the laundry industry, Charles was deeply entrenched in politics, serving as a consultant for campaigns in New Jersey. However, his passion for entrepreneurship and the laundry sector soon took precedence, leading him to explore new horizons and ventures.

Lessons from Charles

Throughout the podcast, Charles imparts invaluable lessons and insights gleaned from his experiences in the laundry business. From the importance of cultivating a robust network to the significance of adaptability in the face of adversity, his narrative resonates as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit. At Suds Digital, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs like Charles Measley with cutting-edge solutions and resources to flourish in the laundry industry. Through innovative technologies and comprehensive support, we strive to elevate the success of laundromat owners and partners worldwide.

To dive deeper into Charles’s inspiring story and glean even more invaluable insights, we urge you to watch the full podcast episode on Laundromat Resource. We extend our appreciation to host Jordan Berry for facilitating this enlightening conversation and providing a platform for industry leaders like Charles to share their experiences. 

Tune in now — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL_WWZ50SO0&lc=UgzCWleutx4BHCV2luB4AaABAg