How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

If you’re operating a laundromat in today’s saturated market, you’ll want every tool at your disposal. Laundromats leverage several avenues to get to the top of the local search pages, but Google Ads seems to be way ahead. So, how can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?

If you’re looking to grow your digital presence through Google Ads, laundromat advertising experts like Suds Digital offer great insights. Below, the team describes how Google Ads can help you advance your laundromat’s business goals.

Is Digital Marketing Right For Your Laundromat?

The answer is yes – digital marketing is always the right move for a laundromat (even a small one). In this instance, the Google Ads platform gives your laundromat a powerful tool to:

  • Boost business.
  • Expand your client base.
  • Market to untapped customers.
  • Grow your brand’s online presence.

That’s how people searching online will easily find your business. If your laundromat is easily visible and always accessible online as a popular search result, won’t it attract attention? Investing in a digital marketing strategy is no longer a “nice to have” for a laundromat of any size – consider it an absolute necessity.

Beyond reach and visibility, the perfect digital marketing strategy also retains the customers your laundromat appreciates. These are the ones that keep coming back because they now consider themselves a part of your community. This connection is also what takes your laundromat from being the place on the corner to a neighborhood staple.

Why Just Google Ads for Laundromats?

Google had over 80 billion visits in December 2023 alone. Eighty billion hits. If you’d like the most bang for your buck from digital marketing efforts, you’ll want to explore Google Ads.

Imagine ranking high enough to be part of a Google display ad. In that moment, your laundromat’s position in the search will help you tap into millions of viewers.

How Do Google Ads Increase Laundromat Sales? 

How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals? Sales boosts happen in the following ways through Google Ads compared to more traditional marketing methods:

Advanced Targeting

Google Ads lets your laundromat target different demographics. Who is your prime audience? If you reach them, they’re more likely to use your laundromat services.

Increase Trust 

A Google Business listing helps potential customers understand what services your laundromat provides in their area. If they can see your reviews and ratings, address, and contact details, won’t they choose your laundromat over a competitor?

Multiple Strategies 

Google Ads cover a vast array of ad types, such as:

  • Search ads that appear as a search result.
  • Display ads on sites across the internet.
  • YouTube ads in videos related to your target audience.
  • Shopping ads on the Google shopping carousel.

Let Suds Digital Help Your Laundromat Master Google Ads

How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals at the laundromat? Why not see if you can increase your laundromat’s Google ranking by partnering with experts like Suds Digital, a team with over 20 years of industry experience?

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