How to Increase the Google Ranking of Your Laundromat

You’re not alone if you have big plans to grow your laundromat business. Countless laundromat owners can see the market they need right in front of them, but it’s not always as intuitive to know how to increase Google ranking to capture this interest. Re-thinking your digital marketing with the help of a laundromat digital advertising agency could get solid results, but is it enough to drive your business forward? 

What are the best SEO strategies for higher Google ranking on your laundromat’s website? Can you increase website visibility on Google without jumping through hoops? Stay calm and read on to see some tips for shining up your brand online through optimization, visibility, and more.

How SEO Translates Into More Laundromat Customers 

Search engine optimization for your laundromat’s website is an excellent way to grow your online presence. It takes your site’s best features and places them in front of more pairs of eyes who may be interested in your offering, whether that’s a wash and fold service or a commercial laundry delivery option.

When someone in your service area searches for “laundromat near me,” does your business pop up on their screen? They use specific words in their search, and you’ll be more likely to appear in their results if your site has those same terms. SEO widens the net because when you enhance search engine ranking, you gives you site a better chance of discovery.

How to Improve Google Ranking for Your Laundromat

Major search engines like Google are a popular starting place for anyone looking for a service in a particular local area. If you want your laundromat to show up, read on for tips on how to increase Google ranking.

Refine Your Laundry Service’s Keywords

To boost SEO ranking, you’ll want to include keywords that customers use when looking for a laundromat. The closer the match, the easier it will be for people to find your site.

Leverage Google’s Many Avenues

Expanding your digital presence will improve search engine ranking factors further. Why not create a Google business account to showcase your physical address, contact information, and client reviews? You’ll also access analytics here to inform your digital marketing strategy.

Market Your Laundromat Widely

Deploying several marketing strategies is better than just one. Consider the following:

  • Text: Text advertising is succinct and direct.
  • Email: Email marketing allows subscribers who want more in-depth information and to contact you.
  • Social media: Your laundromat’s social media helps to build a solid reputation and spread the word.

Using all three platforms also helps your laundromat reach different demographics at once. 

A Sound Website & Digital Presence Needs Expert Help

Is your laundromat’s site mobile-friendly? How is its level of engagement compared to your laundromat’s local competitors? The tips above help with how to increase Google ranking, but your laundromat website may also benefit from some professional marketing strategists.

A sound digital marketing strategy really makes a difference. Would you like to focus on boosting SEO ranking and growing your laundromat’s reach? Let Suds Digital take a look at your laundromat’s digital marketing needs—email today!